• Anzac Day 2016 Clarendon Hotel Newcastle

ANZAC Day Newcastle 25th April 2016

OFFICIAL SUPPORTER of Newcastle ANZAC Day Commemoration of Events

  • Open at 6.30am for post dawn service gunfire breakfast
  • $15 Burger & fries from 10am
  • TWO-UP from 12noon - 3pm
  • United Miners Federation Pipe Band from 1pm
  • $6 Rum & Milk // $5 Carlton Draught Schooners

This year Newcastle commemorating 100 years of ANZAC 1915 to 1918. ANZAC Day commemorations will focus on the Western Front the principal theatre of operations for British and Dominion forces for the duration of the First World War. Though called the Western Front by French, British and Dominions it was in fact the German western front - their eastern front was in Russia. The narrow war zone of the Western Front ran continuously from the English Channel near Ostende to Belfort on the Swiss border, a distance of approximately 760 kilometres.

For details about ANZAC Day events around Newcastle please visit http://www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/Explore/Things-to-do/ANZAC-Day-2016